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Екатеринбург, Хрустальная, 37
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About Tambov

人口: 285 ths
成立年份: 1636
建筑物(房屋)照片: 2715

Tambov is the capital city of Tambov region. The city is located on Tsna River, 430 km to the southeast from Moscow.

Tambov was founded on April 17, 1636 as one of the defensive posts of the Moscow state. Tambov was a town of wooden buildings till the end of the 18th century. Later it was given the status of an administrative center of the region; at that time Moscow architects made up the structure plan of Tambov. Some solid buildings, for example, Gostiny dvor, have been constructed according to this plan.

Tambov is the city with developed industry, especially with chemical, light and food branches. Some large enterprises functions in the city.

Cultural life of Tambov is provided by theaters, museums, galleries and libraries. The Tambov drama theater is one of the oldest in Russia. The theater has been founded by Gavriil Derzhavin who has been holding a post of the governor. It’s interesting that such plays as "Woe from Wit" and "The Inspector General" were produced in this theater despite censorship in 1838. Now Tambov Drama Theater is located in the former building of Tambov Nobility Assembly.

Such movies, as "Destiny of a Man" (1958) and "Once upon a time there lived a simple woman" (2008-2009) have been made in Tambov.

Tambov is decorated by many architectural monuments of the 19th century; they can be seen on Internatsionalnaya and Komsomolskaya streets, Privokzalnaya square and others. The city has also constructions belonging the 18th century; these are small private houses.

The building of railway station of Tambov is also of great interest. The building was constructed in 1869; it was reconstructed and built up in Soviet period. Railway station is brick-built, two-storeyed building located on Privokzalnaya (Station) square. Earlier fairs have been held here on this square. Nearby there are other old houses and the fountain which is the biggest in Tambov.

Kristal, ice arena, is located on Sovetskaya Street. This is the central sports facility of Tambov. The building of streamline oval shape was constructed in 1988. The building is planned to be reconstructed shortly.

Tambov also has a great number of various monuments decorating the city.

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